If you have ever watched any of the Magpul Shooting Videos featuring Travis Haley and Chris Costa, these three ideas need to be incorporated in your training.

  1. Reality – Focus your training on realistic scenarios that may actually happen.  If you are training for a CCW self-defense situation, you should be practicing how draw your firearm from a holster that is concealed.  You should also practice this draw using just one hand to both clear the garment and draw your firearm.  You never know when one of your hands may be occupied with some other task like protecting your head and neck from an attack, or is injured and cannot function.
  2. Consistency – Being consistent in your training is important because by being sloppy or taking shortcuts, you are building bad muscle memory.  Muscle memory is psycho-motor skill development which allows you to complete a task, like drawing from the holster, without thinking about it.  This is critical because time is everything in a gunfight.  When you take shortcuts in your training, you are only hurting yourself.
  3. Efficiency – Being efficient is important to your training because you want to be able to eventually draw and shoot very fast.  I will say it gain.  Time is everything in a gunfight.  If you have “excessive waste movements” built into your training, you will never be as fast as you can be.  Evaluate yourself using a shot timer.  The timer doesn’t lie.